In some cases, telehealth visits are acceptable but must be approved by the doctor before they can be scheduled. The virtual visits are HIPAA compliant and the same confidentiality rules apply for telehealth as if you were in the office. We must have consent for the visit along with the patients most up-to date insurance info. The Telehealth Consent Form must be completed and may be uploaded to the patient portal, faxed, or emailed. Please note telehealth visits are charged and even with the telehealth visit, your doctor may feel your child needs to be seen. If they need to come on that same day there will only be one charge, not two.

If you are scheduled for a telehealth visit, please click the link below to connect to your doctor’s virtual waiting room and he/she will be with you shortly.

Telehealth Consent Form

Doctor Links

Telemedicine Visit Tips

Weigh your child if possible and take temperature prior to the call.

  1. Have your child in a well-lit room that is quiet and free of distraction as possible.
  2. Visits work best if you use your smart phone. Please log in 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Log in with your invitation.
  3. Tools to have available.
    1. Thermometer.
    2. A flashlight or other light source (so we can look in your child’s throat).
    3. Your child’s weight or a scale.
    4. The name/location of your pharmacy.
  4. The doctor will have you help with your child’s physical exam. We might have you show the phone to the child’s throat, push on their belly amongst other things.

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