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Dear Pediatricians of Hyde Park Families, 

We are writing to update you on the rapidly evolving situation with the new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19). We are monitoring updates daily from the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health. It is important to know that children seem to have some pre-existing immunity to COVID-19. This is likely due to their exposure to other viruses in the Coronavirus family that cause illnesses such as the common cold. Children are likely to have mild common cold symptoms if they contract COVID-19. However, due to the risks COVID-19 presents to elderly or immunocompromised patients, we are taking the warnings from health officials seriously to try to prevent spread of COVID-19 in the community. The health and safety of our patients and their families is always our highest priority.

Things you can do:

1. Try to avoid close contact with sick people (within 6 feet).         

2. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, or use the crook of your elbow if a tissue is not readily available. After using a tissue, throw it in the trash and wash your hands.   

3. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, you can use an alcohol-based hand rub (60% alcohol or higher).  

4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread this way.  

5. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs that can cause respiratory illnesses.

6. If your child has not already had a flu shot this season, call the office to get this scheduled. If your child is ill with influenza, they will be more susceptible to contracting COVID-19 and other illnesses. Protecting yourself and your family from the flu will help keep you healthy and allow your immune system to fight off other illnesses, such as COVID-19.

7. If your child has flu-like symptoms, it is prudent to self-quarantine for a minimum of 48 hours after all symptoms have resolved. You can call our office to determine if further care is needed.

If you believe your family has been exposed to COVID-19 or might have COVID-19:

1. Stay calm and STAY AT HOME. The incubation period from exposure to symptom onset is 2-14 days. You can self-quarantine at home.

2. Call our office to discuss a possible exposure or any questions you might have. We will triage over the phone to determine if COVID-19 testing is needed.

3. Most COVID-19 illnesses can and should be treated AT HOME. There is no curative medication for COVID-19. The treatment is supportive. This means isolation, rest, fluids and fever reducing medications as needed. You should only seek in-person medical attention for worsening symptoms such as difficulty breathing, dehydration concerns, or a very ill-appearing child. Limiting contact with medical offices and emergency departments when not needed will also help limit the spread of disease.

4. If you think your child needs to be evaluated, CALL FIRST. We will triage the symptoms over the phone to direct you to the appropriate level of care (i.e. our office or the emergency room). This will also allow us to prepare ahead of time for the appropriate infection control measures. Caregivers who have known exposure to COVID-19 should NOT accompany a child to any type of visit at Pediatricians of Hyde Park.

5. Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 are answered by the CDC at the following link:


What we are doing at Pediatricians of Hyde Park:

1. Starting today, we will conduct many sick visits remotely using telemedicine and portal visits in the afternoon. These are covered by almost all insurance plans during this pandemic and we feel this will be safer for most patients. There will be times we still need to see the patient in person. We are doing everything to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.  We are also closing our phones at 3:00pm at this time.

2. We are seeing only well patients in the mornings. This includes well child exams, pre-ops, mental health visits/med rechecks. We are seeing only sick patients in the afternoons. This is to ensure our well children can still get their vaccines and check-ups and medication rechecks, without needing to worry about being exposed to sick children or germs. The AAP recommends children continue to receive well child care and vaccinations to prevent further epidemics.

3. Our providers will be wearing masks into all rooms and when examining a patient or within six feet.

4. We will be screening for international travel or known COVID-19 exposure when you schedule an appointment. If you have traveled to a high-risk country in the past 2 weeks or been exposed to COVID-19, we will ask that you re-schedule any non-emergent appointments until after your incubation period has passed. If you need to be seen.

5. Since COVID-19 seems to be most serious in patients over the age of 60, we recommend that caregivers over age 60 only bring patients to the office if no other alternative caregivers are available. We also ask that all appointments (including well visits) be limited to the patient(s) and ONE healthy caregiver. Avoid bringing siblings who do not have an appointment unless no other childcare arrangements can be made. If you are sick, please attempt to find an alternate caregiver to bring your child.

6. Testing for COVID-19 is still very restricted, has limited availability, and must be approved and obtained by the Ohio Department of Health and/or the CDC. Testing is currently not available at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital or Pediatricians of Hyde Park. Testing just to alleviate your worries, without a valid exposure to COVID-19, will not be possible.

7. We are disinfecting all exam rooms and all inanimate objects in exam rooms after every patient. We are also eliminating the waiting room. You will be taken to an exam room immediately after check-in. Lower patient volume allows us to do this right now. We also will be extensively disinfecting the office every night.

8. We would like every patient prior to their visit to take a picture of their insurance card, registration form, financial forms, which can be found on our website (pediatriciansofhydepark.com) and upload this to our patient portal and /or our email address pohp3666@gmail.com. This is to avoid hand to hand contact.

Thank you for allowing us to help keep you and your families safe and healthy. Please contact us should you have any questions.


Pediatricians of Hyde Park



If you're looking for a wonderful doctor and memorable experiences for your child, we would love to meet you. 

Please call us at 513-871-0684 for any questions or to schedule a prenatal visit.


Forms can now be sent to us using our Patient portal. (this is for medical forms only).

Please bring the completed Portal Registration form to our office or email to pohp3666@gmail.com

Confused on when to call your childs physcian? Then please see attached : 

            When to Call Us

The Pediatricians of Hyde Park are committed to your child’s health. If you have concerns or questions about your child’s health, we welcome your telephone calls. This article will serve as a helpful guide in determining when and how to contact us.

When to Call 911

If you are ever afraid that your child may have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. Some examples of 911 symptoms include if your child is not breathing, is unconscious, is bleeding severely or is having a seizure.

When to Call Poison Control

If your child may have eaten or drunk something poisonous, call the poison control hotline immediately at 1-800-222-1222. If you are not sure whether or not to call poison control, call us; we can help you decide.

When to Call After Hours

If you believe your child has an emergency or urgent concern that cannot wait until the office is open, call us immediately. Some examples of symptoms to prompt After-Hour Calls include:

    Trouble Breathing

    Severe Pain

    Stiff Neck

    Prolonged/Inconsolable Crying

    Sick Newborn Babies (Babies 6 weeks of age and younger are at higher risk when they are sick. If your baby has a fever, rectal temp of 100.4 or above, or is acting sick – call us right away.)

    Severe Vomiting or Diarrhea/Dehydration (urinating less than 3 times in 24 hours)

    Not using an Arm or Leg

    Eye Injury

    A rash accompanied by a fever

This is not a complete list. You know your child best. If you are worried that your child has any problem that can’t wait until the office is open – call us. As a general rule, we do not call in antibiotics or other medications without seeing your child first. For refills of medications, please call during regular office hours.

When to Call the Office

In addition to calling us in order to schedule appointments and refill medications, we encourage you to call our office with non-emergent questions and concerns about your child.


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